BrooksDesigns design and develop bespoke mobile applications for mobile and desktop deployment

App dev

Selection of Geopark Way app screens

The Geopark Way is a 109 mile walk running from Bridgnorth in Shropshire to Gloucester Cathedral
and in doing so passing over rocks that demonstrate some 700 million years of the planets history.
The printed guide for the walk divides the trail into 17 sections.

BrooksDesigns have produced an app for each of these sections.
Each app has 5 distinct parts as shown in these sample images. As you walk the trail the Map and Location sections
update your position on the map and optionally record your walk. The Photo and Past sections update images and
information about the rocks you are walking over.

Selection of MartleyRocks app screens
MartleyRocks app focuses on the extraordinary varied geology of the area around the village of Martley in Worcestershire.

Selection of 9 Sons of Kempley app screens
9 Sons of Kempley app explores the early lives of nine men born
in the area of Kempley in Gloucestershire and gave their lives in WW1

Selection of Daffodil Way app screens
DaffodilWay app - Map with live updates on path status, events and best daffodil locations (crowd sourced).
Daffodil Way is a 10 mile circular walk through the fields and woods (filled with wild Daffodils in the spring) in the NW corner of Gloucestershire.

Selection of images from PoetsCottages app