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Daffodil Way


Hosts walks in the area of north-west Gloucestershire, England, known as the Golden Triangle, named for the wild daffodils which bloom in the spring.
Walks include the circular Daffodil Way, Poets’ Paths, Centenary Glade, Poets’ Cottages and sections of the Three Choirs Way and Geopark Way.

GeoExplore app


Download guided geology field trips (‘A’ level or keen amateur) or record your own field trip. Log locations on base map, with rock details, dip/strike, photos, text and audio notes. Includes compass-clinometer, sedimentary logging tool, grain size chart, glossary… Download your logged data.

Geoheritage app


Download guided walks to explore the landscape, geology and mining heritage of the Forest of Dean.  Also included is the deep time history of the area covering the past 500 million years.  On a deeptime walk take selfies with strange lifeforms from long ago.

Geogarden app


Explore the origins of the rocks on display in the Geology Garden at the University of Worcester. Information is provided at three levels – ‘young geologist’, ‘curious visitor’ and ‘geologist’. The information can be accessed whether you are in the actual garden or not.

GeoparkWay Icon


Guide to the route, geology and other points of interest along the 17 sections of the 109 mile walking trail from Bridgnorth in Shropshire to Gloucester Cathedral.  The trail passes through the Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark.
The app also includes other, shorter walks, in various places in the Geopark.

Ice age ponds app


IceAgePonds explores the glacial landscapes of western Herefordshire, where the retreating ice left behind numerous ponds which are now unique habitats. The apps provides walks and tours by cycle or car to explore the area. On the walks you can take selfies with mammoths and other ice age life.

Malverns Walks


Guided country and town walks in the area of the Malvern Hills and the Teme Valley. All walks come with a detailed map where your current location is continually shown. Points of interest and navigation are automatically triggered as you walk.

Martley Rocks


This app explores the outstanding geology to be found around the village of Martley in the Teme Valley of Worcestershire. The app includes walks and geological sites to visit in the area. An interactive 3D cut-away model of the areas rocks is included.

Voyager in deep time

Voyager – in deeptime

Series of walks to discover the very different kinds of environments that once existed at places in the deep time past. The walks are presented as a ‘game’ where your answers to questions and quick response to events the app creates builds you a score for your ‘voyage in deeptime’.