End to End walk

9.3 miles | Strenuous | Start SO 7572 3493   What3words overlooks.present.marathons

This trail follows the top of the Malvern ridge from Chace End at the south to North Hill taking in the main summits. This is classified as a strenuous walk due to the significant ups and downs along the route.

This is not a circular route and you will need to arrange transport for the start and/or end of walk, or walk both ways!

Rarther than undertake the walk all in one day, it can be readily divided into into sections, using, for example, the car parks and facilities at British Camp and the Wyche as start or end locations to walk sections.

Malvern Hills looking north

Route of the walk along the ridge of the Malvern Hills, starting at car park near Chace End hill and ending at End Hill.

Malvern Hills looking south

The route at the northern end of the hills, with the walk descending from End Hill to North Malvern Road.