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IceAgePonds app was produced as a component of the Heritage Lottery funded project Ice Age Ponds carried out by a partnership between the Herefordshire Wildlife Trust the Herefordshire & Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust and other organisations. The project focused on western Herefordshire in the UK, where the landscape is covered by many features left behind from when the area was covered by a thick layer of ice that advanced from the north and west some 22,000 years ago. One of those features is hundreds of ponds which now provide rich and often unique habitats.

The project team deviced walking, cycle and car trails to explore this landscape, created by the former ‘ice world’.
Five walks, three cycling tours and three car tours are available be downloaded into app, in addition to the trails, there are guides to amphibians, aquatic invertebrates, pond plants to be found in the area, plus a section explaining features and terms relating to glaciation.

Creating how the landscape of today may have appeared at the time of the last ‘ice age’ features in a number of the trails.
Below, the familiar view of the Cathedral driving into Hereford over the Wye, transforms to the view 22,000 years ago when the ice front appears to have stopped just to the west of the line of the A49 of today.

View from Sturts entrance today
Sturts today merged with former glacial lake
How the former glacial lake at Sturts may have appeared

The story of the glacial lake that once covered much of what today is the Sturts Nature Reserve, can be found in the Sturts Trail, accompanied by images transforming the view of today with how things make have looked 12,000 years ago.

LIDAR overlay on the Breinton Walk map


LIDAR overlays are used on maps and other graphics to reveal hidden features of the landscape, from channels where glacial meltwater once ran at pressure uphill beneath glaciers, to moraines (piles of debris left by glaciers), to the abandoned routes of rivers whose path was blocked by the ice.

LIDAR evidence for kettle holes and ponds
Elk image created with IceAgePonds app at Brockhall Quarry Nature Reserve

Photo of an Elk created on the Brockhall Walk using the Camera facility in the IceAgePonds app to create photos and selfies with images of creatures that lived at the time of the last ‘ice Age’. You can discover these creatures on the Birches Farm Trail, Breinton Walk, Brockhall Walk and Sturts Trail. You will know when you have entered the zone of one of the creatures as flashing camera icon will appear near the top of the screen. The very first time you touch the camera button your permission will be reqyested for the app to use the camera on your device and to save photos.


Image of a mammoth created on the Birches Farm Trail using the IceAgePonds app
Woolly rhinoceras image created on the Birches Farm Trail using the IceAgePonds app

Mammoth and Woolly rhinoceras images – on Birches Trail