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Adding maps to Google Earth Pro

Map overlay in Google Earth

The route and geology maps can be displayed in Google Earth Pro. The surface of the map is transformed by elevation data, giving you the opportunity to explore how the underlying geology relates to the topography of the landscape and view the walk in 3D, changing your angle of view, zoom into and fly around the landscape.

How to add a map to Google Earth Pro

Download the map(s) from the links on the Download maps page, to your computer.

Open Google Earth Pro.

Click on the button to ‘Add a Bitmap Overlay’ as shown below.

Add a bitmap overlay in Google Earth

Click the Browse button to open the menu to select the file from your computer.

Selecting the image to display in Google Earth

As soon as the map had uploaded it will appear draped over the surface of the Earth.
The next step is to provide Google Earth with the N,S,W and East location values for the map. These values are provide along side each set of route and geology maps on the maps download page.

Select Location and enter these values – error free!
You can select the location values to be in decimal in Google Earth Preferences.


Enter the maps location

You can alter the transparency of the map overlay and also give it a name.


The next step is to set the view you require.
Zoom in on the map and use the Google Earth control to give you a low angle view over the landscape.

Tilt view downwards

Exaggerating the height
It can help to reveal how the topography relates to the geology, by exaggering the maps elevation. Elevation exaggeration can be set and cancelled via the Google Earth Preferences. Opened via the top left corner of the Google Earth window.

Exaggerating the elevation

To reopen the details for the map you have displayed, e.g. to adjust its transparency or location, open the menu via the button as as shown below. Then right mouse click on the overlay maps name and select Get Info.

Accessing the map information