BrooksDesigns design and develop bespoke mobile applications for mobile and desktop deployment

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Which mobile devices are compatible?

All the apps featured here will run on may smartphone or tablet which is either Android or iOS (Apple) based.
For use outside (which is where these apps are intended to be used) then a smartphone with a reasonable screen size
or one of the smaller tablets will be a good compromise between clarity of display and portability.

Will the apps need 3G or WiFi connectivity in the field?

No. Given the poor state (if any) of mobile phone connectivity in much of the UK countryside (plus some devices have
no phone connectivity built in anyway), the apps have been constructed with all data built-in.
The only section of the Geopark Way apps that would attempt a web connection is the links in the Information section,
but these are best accessed when you are somewhere with WiFi access.
The Daffodil Way and some of the other 'walk' apps will periodically seek out a web connection to update map and other information.

Battery Life

Set of on your walk with a fully charged battery! Given the app may be using GPS a lot and you will probably have your screen
brightness set high, both will drain the battery. Our testing of the apps in the field found that a fully charged
battery will last for a day's walking, especially on a tablet which have larger batteries.

Sunshine and screen

Well we would all like to see more sunshine, especially when out in the countryside,
unfortunately, bright sunshine will make phone and tablet screens very difficult to read - the best you can do is set
the brightness high (will drain battery more), shade the screen, or hope it clouds over! We have tested the apps in rain,
snow, below freezing temperatures with very cold fingers - they continued to work on all devices tested..

Do I need Geolocation (Location Services) enabled?

Yes - if you would like the app to show you where you are on the trail, and provide photos and geological information
updated to your current location! As a user you can opt to not have location services enabled, as you may not wish
your privacy to be compromised by an app that feeds your location to others. Apps produced by BrooksDesigns use location
to give you a place aware information feed and for no other use!

My device does not have GPS

The non 3G/4G versions of the iPad, the iPad-mini and iPod, do not have a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver.
In contrast, most Android devices will have integral GPS, including tablets without phone support.
For such devices there is the option of plugging in an external GPS receiver that is approved by Apple.
Devices without GPS receivers gain some limited position information when they are able to access WiFi, so called A_GPS.
For example, if you activate the app before setting out, it may get a start location using the WiFi in your home.
Unfortunately, while walking in the countryside you are unlikely to encounter many places where this data will get refreshed.
It will be down to you to touch the map for your current location to get the geological info, any photos, etc. for that place.

When I look for the app on the store it does not show up

The stores know the characteristics of your device and if an app requires some functionality which is beyond what your device
can deliver, then that app is not shown for installation. The apps produced by BrooksDesigns are built to run on the greatest
possible number of devices, adapting their behaviour as far as possible to give you the best possible user experience.